Mother’s Day:An Appreciation to my Mum

Coincidentally, I have never been around my mum during Mother’s Day since I turned 18yrs and as we celebrate Mother’s Day; I am amazingly lucky to have her as my mother. She is strong, kind hearted, God fearing, hardworking and above all strict. I mean; she ensured I grew up to be a responsible human being and those who know me … More Mother’s Day:An Appreciation to my Mum

Pocho Cape

I wore this beautiful Pocho cape top made from Kitenge; an East African traditional fabric a few months ago while attending post wedding brunch I matched it with white jean trouser which gave it the desired compliment and a black thin belt; cementing the look The Pocho top can be worn with a matching belt like I did  or without as Lucia … More Pocho Cape


Porto is the first place I ever visited in Portugal way back in 2017. Our two years anniversary was coming up and I took it upon myself to chose the destination. Honestly, I had no idea about Porto except for the wine, warm weather and the fact that it was a city where one of … More Porto!!!

This is Me!!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am glad you are here; let’s get started on the journey of getting to know me!! Well.. my name is Nelly and this basically means you have met “The Nelly”. Young at heart, kind and generous. Equally humorous, honestly brutal and if you are lucky to know me… … More This is Me!!