The exciting Seoul… my first time in Asia

Asia is one of those places that I have been yearning to visit but never got the chance. Finally I got the chance and we visited South Korea during cherry blossom season last April. There is so much I saw, experienced and learn that I would love to jot it done for you but honestly speaking, I would never stop


The capital of South Korea is captivating in any way possible. It is big, modern and has so much to offer. From the ancient temples, exciting nightlife, delicious food,  massive high rises, and goes what? we were there when the North Korea leader visited the county

Samsung towers

There is so much to do in Seoul alone and believe me for the 7 days or so we were there, was not enough




Food 🙂




To give you a better picture of the city, follow us on our trip through the video below I prepared specifically for you:)



Did you know?

  • 70% of South Korea land is covered by mountains
  • South Korea has approximately 55million people and almost half of that population leaves in Seoul


Thank you so much for your read. Until next time, take care my friends!!!

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