Summer souvenirs from Senegal…

I was in Senegal during the winter early this year. While there enjoying sun, I thought about what I need for the summer and other fashion I can barely find in Europe.

Fortunately, with me, I had a good friend who was willing to take me around. Here is what I bought….

African harem

I managed to buy #Africanharem. It is really beautiful, comfortable, tailor made with #African fabric and easily wearable and affordable. I don’t remember the exact cost but it is somewhere between $20 to $30


Summer hat and clutch bag

Summer is never summer with a hat. I am not a sunglass kind of person, even though I try each and every summer to buy one. A hat is just what I need for my summer holidays. This one though was a gift from a special person 🙂 so I don’t know the prices


I know you are wondering about the clutch beside the hat. I bought it for attending cocktail party, official and casual events. This can be worn however you like as long as you match well with the right attire. I have worn it with one colour dress from white, black etc giving it a lively look


It will not be a shopping without Africa earrings so here you go



Official wear? I bought a blazer that I have managed to wear to the office several time. Attend business meetings and appointments. It fits perfectly well… and is quite trendy and comfortable yet tailor made and affordable


Finally, I was gifted this two paintings for our apartment. I really like them especially when I come back from work, staring at them gives me so much energy. This one is made from a mix of small pieces of African fabric brought together to display the different patterns forming this wonderful paint


The second one is still a mystery to me. Trying to understand what it means. I will let you figure out that one. Share your thought in the comment section 🙂


Which souvenir did you like… which one would you have bought. Leave your comments below. Until next time… see you my friends or should I say “Ba beneen Mangi dem” which means goodbye in Wolof. It is one of the highly spoken language in Senegal



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