Antwerp… the diamond and fashion city

Who would have thought that a port, Flemish speaking city in Flanders Belgium is famously known for fashion and diamond. If you had asked me this four days ago, I could have looked at you with a surprising and doubting face!!!

Brabo Statue at the Grote Markt of Antwerp

I know what you think!!! Why is Antwerp a fashion city. Well… internationally acclaimed Royal Academy of Fine Arts is from there. The institute was founded by David Teniers, was Archduke Leopold Wilhelm and Don Juan of Austria painter.


Grote Markt of Antwerp

Henry Van de Velde studied at the institute and later on became one of the 20th century architects and designers pioneer. Vincent Van Gogh one of the most famous painter in the history of western arts spent a short time at the academy prior to his departure to France

The institute and consequently the city has a great influence of Belgian fashion designers such as Raf Simons , Veronique Branquinho, Oliver Theykens etc

The cathedral and main place

Through its fashion design program success that was introduced in 1963, the school produced the The Antwerp Six who dominated the media at the time

The city has many fashion stores and you can walk around, do shopping and enjoy. Believe me, you will love it here!!!

The DRG Shopping building

Another famous shopping street in Antwerp called Meir Street (Meirbrug), here you can find all the brands and even the affordable ones


Since Belgium is known for chocolate. There is plenty in Antwerp and we found this cute little shop called “The Chocolate Line”. The chocolates are amazing… check it out here and visit when you are there


Some pictures of me feeling myself like a boss at the Grote Markt



Voila!!! Now you know about the second most populous city in Belgium right behind Brussels and its little secrets of fashion



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