Silversquare in Luxembourg

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the launch of Silversquare Luxembourg on June 5th 2018

Opening party at Silversquare Luxembourg premises. Forget about the beers 🙂

With the ever changing workplace, coworking spaces are becoming the future of workplace. Silversquare is an innovative and trendy coworking place to accommodate all your needs when and while in Luxembourg. Whether a freelancer, an artist, a psychologist, consultant or you just want to run away from the boring same office space, Silversquare has exactly what you are looking at.

Conference/meeting room

Founded in Belgium, Silversquare is becoming the leader in coworking space in Europe and entering the Luxembourg market shows their interest in serving the European market and maintaining the number one to go place for coworking space

For after work party events/auditorium
For reading books and taking it easy


It is not far from the Luxembourg Gare 5 minutes walk

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