Venice!! The floating magical city

Venice!!! What can I say?? the floating city built on an ancient lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in northeastern Italy. I mean, this city has been at the top of my bucket list as long as I can remember. I first came to learn about Venice from my high school literature classes through “Merchant of Venice” by Shakespeare. And just like that, I was immediately drawn to the way of living in this magical beautiful city.  I have been around Europe for a while, but I didn’t really get the chance to visit it. Last year during my birthday, the stars were aligned and ,,,, Voilá we went to Venice

Campanille and Palazo Ducale in Venice from the boat

We took a boat at Punto Sabbioni to Venice. The beautiful sceneries as you approached Venice can be admired from the boat. The fresh breathe gives you the calm and reassuring feeling


When we first walked out of the boat, we were immediately overwhelmed by the beauty of Venice. The small streets and the atmosphere was amazing. My fantasy and imagination about the city were not disappointed. I couldn’t hide my excitement remembering Bassanio and Portia;  I smiled… realising that I was standing; in the very setting of  “Merchant of Venice”

Piazzo San Marco

The boat dropped by infront of Palazzo Ducale, built in 9th century. The magnificent and opulence building with marble corridor built in gothic style. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to visit inside so when you are there, visit and let us know your experiences


St Mark’s Basicila is the most famous city church and a perfect example of  Italo-Byzantine architecture due to Byzantine art treasures decorations brought back by the Venetian ships after the fall of Constantinople. The church became the seat of patriarch of Venice and consequently the city’s cathedral in 1807.

St Mark Basilica and St Mark’ Square

The church building is nicknamed Chiesa d’oro(Church of gold) due to its opulent design, gold ground mosaics and its status as a symbol of Venetian wealth and power from 11th century

Posing for a picture at St mark square

As we walked through the street of Venice, there is so much to see and yet there is a tempting feeling of wanting to stay in one place; and just be in Venice. Venice is the first and only city I actually have a thing for 😉 don’t get me wrong, I want to go to other cities but Venice is different 😉 I have imaginary links with the city


We had a typical tourist day. We visited the main square, St Mark’s Campanile tower where you can view the whole city from the top and took a boat ride to visit islands around Venice

At the top of St Mark’s Campanile Tower

St Mark’s square view from Campanile tower. Isn’t it just magnificent and wonderful?

St Mark’s Square


Venice streets, I mean I would literally stroll along these street the whole day

Bridge of Sighs

We took a boat ride and here are some of the views we encountered. Whether its people crossing the bridge or photographers taking pictures, Venice is always magical in its own way

Ponte Scalzi
Rio Del Ponte Longo

Isola di san giorgio

It is one of the islands of Venice lying east of Giudecca and south of the main Islands. The Island can be admired from Riva degli Schiavoni, in Saint Mark’s. It is separated from the island of Giudecca from the Canale delle Grazie and the only way to reach it is by public water boat or a taxi boat

isola di san giorgio Church

Giudecca Island

The little island is a perfect spot to escape the crowds in Venice. It is calm and peaceful, offering beautiful view of the sea, with majestic buildings like Molino stucky , its worth spending a half a day or even full day on the island.

The high tower of the Molino Stucky

Random pictures while at the Island



We stayed in Lido di Jesolo. It’s a beautiful seaside resort, peaceful and conveniently located with a direct boat to Venice city. You will notice we like staying in peaceful and calm areas even when we go to big cities. It is the best way to unwind after a busy and tired day. for tips on navigating Venice, Please check out this blog here As always, remember to do your research before travelling 🙂 Until next time, cheers for reading and supporting this blog


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