Sunny Lisbon in Grey and Winter Europe

In January this year when the cold had gotten to our nerves; we decided to escape to greener pastures. And what could be a better place than Lisbon!!! Fortunately, we were onto something; the weather was good and despite winter season; Lisbon didn’t disappoint.


I have heard different experiences from people regarding Lisbon. Those who love it and those who dislike it for reasons I don’t know. Nevertheless, I am here to talk about my experience and we had nothing but love for Lisbon



There is so many things to love about Lisbon. Whether it is the food, people, history, shopping etc. As a person who is used to high cost of living, being in a place like Lisbon is paradise. I mean the taxi fees are close to nothing, the food, transport and all that. For the first time, my budget travel was under-utilised and mark you; I even went shopping which wasn’t planned ūüôā

Standing next to the biggest flag; near Eduardo VII Park. We were really amazed. Personally, I haven’t seen such a big flag in my entire life


Overlooking the whole city from the park


We started our stroll from Eduardo VII Park and walked through Avenida da Liberdade to Rua Augusta Arch which is at Praca do Comercio. Enjoy the sea and majestic statues before taking a stroll around  Baixa(downtown), passing through cathedral to Martim Moniz


What is there not to love about Lisbon; the beautiful small hilly street that you can walk through or take the old vintage tram if you are tired. We jumped onto the tram which took us directly to São Jorge Castle

S√£o Jorge Castle

A lot of history and ancient living of Lisbon is documented in the castle. The entrance is around‚ā¨9 for adults, free entry for kids and you can easily get a family ticket at ‚ā¨20 for two adults and two children <18 years


At the castle, we encountered peacock. She amazed us with a 5 minute show, the way she  moves and take her own time. I mean she is a definition of THE QUEEN


We enjoyed the scenic view of the city, took a deep breathe and enjoyed the moment to the fullest. There is something about water, clouds, sky that triggers a great sense of imagination and calm. A feeling that there is nothing beyond and above and at the same time trigger a  sense of curiosity and imagination of what lies beyond what you see. It actually makes you feel like you are missing out on something. And even though it was relaxing, that exactly what I was thinking as we sat there


Walk though the castle and learn about the history of Lisbon, its ancient inhabitants. There are several towers you can visit and get a better view of the city; facing all directions. As you learn more and more about Lisbon, you start getting a glimpse of the struggle for power in Lisbon and how the earthquake in 1755 ruined Lisbon’s economy and consequently Portugal’s powerhouse ambitions in Europe.

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The beautiful city makes you yearn to view, experience and visit Lisbon before earthquake. It must have been quite a wonder back then and one wonders how powerful ¬† and developed Portugal would have been if earthquake didn’t happen but as they said, everything happens for a reason


At night, enjoy the bright light of Castle. Fortunately, Lisbon is quite hilly and you can easily get a place to have a better view. Whether rooftop bars or restaurants, the choice is huge. The castle at night reminds you of the majestic powers it once held. I could imagine the security it offered to the residents as the guards must have been guarding the city



Guess what? I attended the opening of Jamie Oliver restaurant in Lisbon. It was completely amazing and better surprise to spend our evening and enjoy delicacies it offered


If you value high end and luxury brands, Lisbon is a place to visit. They have all the big brands along Avenida Liberdade which is a beautiful street to walk and enjoy the city. And if you would like to get an extra mile, there is an outlet called Freeport Lisboa Fashion Outlet. Check their website here   We had the chance to visit the outlet and its a really beautiful. An incentive to go; you will get a discount card on selected brands and even restaurants

Random pictures around the Praca do Comércio


I would definitely go back to Lisbon and if you get a chance, go and enjoy this beautiful city. For special tips how to navigate the city and get the most out of it. Check out this blog. It has all the tips and information you need before visiting. Remember to do your own research

As always, thank you all for reading and until next time take care!!! or Should I say “Cuidar” as¬†Portugeuse say


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