Mother’s Day:An Appreciation to my Mum

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Coincidentally, I have never been around my mum during Mother’s Day since I turned 18yrs and as we celebrate Mother’s Day; I am amazingly lucky to have her as my mother. She is strong, kind hearted, God fearing, hardworking and above all strict. I mean; she ensured I grew up to be a responsible human being and those who know me can attest to that

There are times I wonder how she managed to bring me and my siblings up; and still have enough energy for herself, her husband(my dad 🙂 and other people. When you have many children in the household, you know how chaotic that can be. I grew with my siblings, nephews, nieces, cousin and my mum took care of us all like it was an easy job

She has many talents of; mother, wife, business woman, pastor, treasury at local women’s initiatives, long life student, farmer and much more. She believes anything can be achieved with determination, hard work and faith in God. Even at her age, she never stops learning and goes to school every chance she gets

She never complains and believes there is always a room for improvement. She want us to be better, kind and above all be successful in education and life like many parent’s wish for their children. She taught us to be kind even to those who are not kind to us. She believes goodness pays off and that the world is a better place when we return evil with goodness. She told me showing goodness enlighten one more person to be good.

My mum believed in us even when we didn’t. She told me when I was young how successful she thinks I will be;  now when I look back, she was and is still right. God came through just as she prayed and believed

I could write a whole book about her but I will leave it here and instead raise a glass to her. To tell her that she did a good job. I turned out well!!!.

She means the world to me and no words nor picture can describe that.She my biggest role model of all time

Happy Mother’s Day to you Mama and all the Mother’s out there in the world. To my sister’s, aunt, sister’s in laws, friends who are mothers, happy Mother’s Day. As for those whose Mother’s are in heaven, please know that they are looking down at you, smiling and proud of what you have become

Celebrate your mother’s , take care of them and visit them every chance you get

Happy Mother’s Day!!!



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