Diversity In Luxembourg..

Luxembourg is known to be a diverse country. Check at statistics and you will learn that approximately 45% of the population is non-luxembourgish. With these in mind, celebrating diversity day in Luxembourg doesn’t come as a surprise. Even in the smallest commune, diversity events are organised during the month of May



So.. what is it like to celebrate diversity day in Luxembourg

Well.. every year in the month of May, Luxembourg opens up its museum to the public. This is a chance to learn about the factors that shaped Luxembourg economic, social and political arena among other things. The entry is normally free

We visited a local commune in Differdange and this is what we experienced


On Diversity Day, most countries represented at the event had a booth. Participants put together displays about their home countries, they brought in native foods and drinks and display native clothes or any other items .

The commune selects music group to perform. A lovely day where people come together, celebrating diversity, drinking and dancing to music performed by local groups

I hope wherever you are, you continuously encourage diversity and inclusion. Stretching your hand to include one more people makes the world a better place. As they said, the more the merrier

Does the country you live in celebrate diversity? if yes, what do they do to encourage a diverse society?



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