Disneyland Paris… Anyone?


One of the perks of living in Luxembourg is that you can reach Paris, Belgium and other cities in Germany within few hours

I always thought Disneyland was for littles girls. I mean I watched Cinderella, dreamed of the fairy wedding in beautiful gown completely swept off my feet with Prince Charming. But, I grew up and realised none of that made sense in real world.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect and; now I can gladly tell you that Disneyland isn’t only for girls. There is something for everyone whether you go for a day like we did or two days by staying around Disneyland environments or in one of their hotels, you can be sure to enjoy and feel the magic

1 day 2 parks?

We had less than 12 hours to visit 2 parks. Most people do 1 park a day

Disneyland… A city on its own. We knew this was a ” mission impossible” but we were determined  to do it and this is how we did it:

  • Decide which attractions are important and worth visiting
  • Start with attraction which have less waiting time. Oh boy, waiting times can be extremely long
  • It is extremely important to chose which season to visit. Peak, mid or low. I would recommend mid season
  • Carry water, remember to eat and take 5 minutes to relax or you will be completely worn out by end of the day
  • The rest depends on your energy and determination.
  • Visit attraction with long waiting times during lunch time. Most families are gone for lunch hence saves you time(Remember to eat though either early or later or carry a sandwich)


Lets check this out then!

Walt Disney Studios Park

Magical scenes of Disney Films are showcased;

Studio tram tour: Behind the magic

We took a tram tour around production courtyard, you will see real movie sets, special effects etc. It is an awesome experience with Jeremy Irons guiding you and providing you information on different sceneries

Remember its extremely important to follow all the security advice
Disneyland Park

We visited different attractions like Big thunder mountains, pirates of carribean, Indian jones and the temple of peril, Star Wars hyperspace mountain, phantom manor. Please see here all attractions



There is so much to write so…..I decided to make a video to give you a glimpse.

Watch here!! and Enjoy!!

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