South Korea…. The Dynamic Busan!!!


I fell in love with the city the moment I got out of the train. Surrounded by mountains on the north and west while; the south and east is surrounded by sea. This time round, we didn’t do the typical touristic visit; we wanted to experience Busan as it comes

Busan 1

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea after Seoul with a population of over 3.5million. It was formerly known as Pusan officially changed to Busan.


The sea surrounding Busan from the South is called Yellow Sea while that surrounding it from the east is called Sea of Japan or East Sea


It’s port is considered as the 9th busiest in the world and Busan is home to world largest department store Shinsegae Centum city

The view you encounter right when you get outside the train station


The main reason we stayed in Songjeong-dong, which is a bit outside Busan was to relax but also to enjoy the calm and peacefulness the area offers. Perfect for a relaxation and re-energizing if you had a busy holiday like we did.

Public transport is good thus irrespective of where you stay, you will be in city centre in few minutes.

I could afford a picture on the road due to fewer people. Not recommended 😉


And we got a beautiful view on the Songjeong Beach from our hotel room. Laon Hotel was exactly what we needed. Calm with a beautiful view on the beach. whether you are going as a family, or as a couple, they have a spot for you to meet your needs. N/B: I wouldn’t recommend for single travellers

Have coffee at one of the coffee shops around the beach as you enjoy the view of the sea and young surfers. By watching this young surfers’ determination you get a feeling that anything is possible with right mindset, hard work and determination


And if you are bored, there is a hill at the end of the beach with hike trails where you can indulge in light exercise and take great pictures at the temple. Furthermore, exercises equipments are available if you are sporty

The view from the temple


Want to learn surfing during your holiday?

No problem… I recommend Songjeong beach. The beach is clean, they have equipments and is perfect for beginners



Remember to visit haeundae beach with its magnificent building. One of the most famous beach in Busan where all the tourist go to. I heard it is normally crowded during the peak tourist time. We were lucky as it wasn’t. On the plus side though, you get a better view of the city from there

He was obviously impressed with the huge buildings on our way to Haeundae beach


We missed the sunset within seconds …. Whether you want to go swimming, enjoy a walk on the beach or watch sunset; which is pleasant in itself, haeundae beach offers both with a beautiful view of the city


Gwangandaegyo Bridge & Gwangalli Beach

Authentic Korean beach with a view of the city’s tall buildings and the bridge. You will encounter Korean taking their dogs for a walk in the evening or lovers walking hand in hand along the beach as they wait for the Diamond bridge viewing

We took a train from Songjeong to view the magnificent Gwangandaegyo Bridge/Diamond bridge. We arrived there around 6pm right on time for a walk on Gwangalli Beach.

I was being shown something but obviously I was more interested in taking pictures 😉


First view with LED lights started at 7pm


The best time to view the bridge depends on the season. It’s better when dark kicks in and in our case, it was around 7:30pm


For complete view of the bridge check here for pictures


Busan has many other restaurants where you can indulge in different local cuisine like Korean Bbq, shabu shabu(Please see below) and if you fancy Japanese cuisine, restaurants are visible everywhere

Cooking and eating shabu shabu.You get to make your own food. I almost cried when we went to the restaurant, how dare they ask us to make our food. I was hungry and cooking was the last thing on my mind but the experience was worth it 🙂 Don’t be afraid to try out, I promise you will like it


With “Le chef” he basically cooked as I sat there waiting for food and taking pictures

Did you know?

The Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) is the first film festival established in Korea and one of the most important film festivals in Asia.

Busan has the largest seafood market in South Korea called Jagalchi Fish Market is where fish and seafood are freshest in the country.

Busan hosted APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) in 2005 and hosted 2002 Asian games and FIFA World Cup

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