Porto is the first place I ever visited in Portugal way back in 2017. Our two years anniversary was coming up and I took it upon myself to chose the destination. Honestly, I had no idea about Porto except for the wine, warm weather and the fact that it was a city where one of my favourite footballers was coming from ,,Cristian Ronaldo;



The city is second largest in Portugal right behind Lisbon and sits along Duoro river. The city historical core was proclaimed a World Heritage by Unesco in 1996. The city has rich history right from the; Porto wine which shaped the economic and political landscape of the city to; Dom Luis I bridge, a bridge that was worked on by Gustave Eiffel in 1877 before construction of Eiffel Tower in Paris


I love travelling to unknown places and we were excited to spend our anniversary there. Nothing beats a delicious dinner along the Duoro river with a steady sea breeze and a random performance from street artist

Porto is lovely and people are generally kind and welcoming. Walking along the old town, we noticed old building unoccupied or under renovation. Our discussion with the locals revealed a city on the rise due to new investments. We learn that a few years ago, not so much was happening.

A local and famous food known as Francesinha which is made from bread, wet-cured ham, linguica,fresh sausages like chipolata, steak or roast meat covered with melted cheese, hot thick tomato and beer sauce served with French fries


The sun, the food, small walking street, shopping centre, the people and the general vibe in Porto is amazing. Go give it a try!!!


We stay at Oh!Porto apartments while in Porto. Amazing and new apartments; convenient location close to all amenities right next to Dom I Luis Bridge. Oh and did I mention how Oh! Porto apartments offers excellent services. We truly enjoyed!!!

3 thoughts on “Porto!!!

  1. Porto is one of my favourite cities, and yaaaaaas! You tried that sandwich! I had a veggie version and that sauce with the chips for me is 😍


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